Bacteria inhabit our world, microorganisms reign in our bellies, the most populated places on earth. They merge with our entrails, exercising a tremendous power. In their own system, they move to the rhythm of the music we can't hear, vibrating to a system we can’t feel. The installation is also a response to the systemic opressions. Like bacteria, queer and minorities communities will always remain standing, even when capitalism collapses this world.
      – We are the bacteria who move to the rhythm of the music that you can’t hear. We repel you but it’s our networks who will climb on your ruins when your world collapses.  Devoured by our symbiome, you’ll fall. Guts speak, we speak. We’ll never stop moving.

Video installation during the collective exhibition Il CIRCOLO DEL FRATTEMPO,
7.5.2022-8.5.2022, Spoiler, Berlin